Konstantia Gourzi
wind whispers for Prepared Piano Op. 85
Konstantia Gourzi
evening at the window II
seven views from a window for Viola, Prepared Piano, and Percussion Op. 75b
Konstantia Gourzi
call of the bees for Viola and Piano Op. 77b
Konstantia Gourzi
messages between trees for Viola and Bourdon Op. 84
Konstantia Gourzi
a love song for Viola and Piano Op. 63
Konstantia Gourzi
melodies from the sea for Viola, Piano, and Percussion Op. 86
Konstantia Gourzi
New Work - World Premiere

“The idea to compose music for nature was born from a very special, almost spiritual experience I had a few years ago at the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh. Nils Mönkemeyer, William Youn, and I have long been engaged in conversations about nature and what its sounds mean for our lives. Last year, a strong desire grew to dedicate a musical project to this idea. Our goal is to express our appreciation of and sensitivity to nature through music, to create a space to reflect on its beauty, and to radiate the shining hope that binds us all together in this resounding, wonderful universe.”

Konstantia Gourzi

Season 2021/22,
Contemporary Music
Past Event

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