Benjamin Britten
Canticle I: My Beloved Is Mine and I Am His for Tenor and Piano Op. 40
Text: Frances Quarles
Benjamin Britten
Canticle II: Abraham and Isaac for Alto, Tenor, and Piano Op. 51
Text: Chester Mystery Play
Benjamin Britten
Canticle III: Still Falls the Rain for Tenor, Horn, and Piano Op. 55
Text: Edith Sitwell
Benjamin Britten
Canticle IV: The Journey of the Magi for Countertenor, Tenor, Baritone, and Piano Op. 86
Text: T. S. Eliot
Benjamin Britten
Canticle V: The Death of Saint Narcissus for Tenor and Harp Op. 89
Text: T. S. Eliot
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Written over a period of more than 25 years, Benjamin Britten’s Canticles are based on a wide range of literary sources that held deep spiritual and religious meaning for the composer. Tenor Allan Clayton, pianist Julius Drake, and actor Dame Harriet Walter are joined by an extraordinary ensemble of musicians for this unusual Lied und Lyrik program to present all five works—in words and music—in a single evening.

Approximate running time: 1h 15m without intermission
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Pierre Boulez Saal
Französische Straße 33 D
10117 Berlin
Season 2023/24,
Allan Clayton, Julius Drake, Dame Harriet Walter, Christopher Lowrey, George Humphreys, Ben Goldscheider, Aline Khouri
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Pierre Boulez Saal
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